About GDPR Index

The European General Data Protection Regulation .


GDPR Index is built in London by the team at BreachAware. We found ourselves spending a large amount of time researching and "indexing" GDPR related information, tools and services. We realised that many companies are spending hundreds of hours doing exactly the same thing, so we decided to build a platform to share our information to everyone, for free.

Why build an index?

My name is Christina and I am currently working in the Cyber Security sector, specifically in external data breach analysis and risk management. Upon researching the new EU GDPR legislation, it became immediately evident that it wasn’t going to be a straight-forward policy change or checkbox compliance solution.

Throughout my research, I’ve noticed four main user groups delving into the topic:

  • Functions (such as Marketing) who had no idea the GDPR would affect them
  • Customers searching for a starting point towards compliance
  • Consultants, legal firms and other non-security companies whose services, although not a technology product, provide assistance with compliance
  • Cyber security organisations with products and services trying to figure out how their offerings can be used and marketed towards GDPR compliance

Enter GDPR Index...

This tool is designed to wrap some sense around the market by placing companies alongside relevant topics within the GDPR. A simple, user friendly interface lets you search and analyse the market, find resources and track GDPR topics. I hope this assists you in one way or another and please, feel free to reach out to me on twitter