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Alliantist is the software and services company behind a powerful cloud software solution, Our company, software, and supply chain, including UK data centres, hold ISO 27001, UKAS accredited, certification. allows you to describe and demonstrate how you meet compliance requirements for GDPR and information security standards such as ISO 27001. Choose from four approaches to GDPR that all contain frameworks and tools to describe, manage, and demonstrate good data protection practices, compliant with GDPR: 1. GDPR for Micro/SME's with simple Personally Identifiable Information (PII)considerations - based on the ICO self-assessment approach, an environment to create and manage policies, and to manage the ongoing work processes such as risk management, security incident management, SAR's, PIA's, audits/reviews, supply chain, and staff comms. 2. GDPR Standalone - a pragmatic approach for SME's wanting to follow the ICO self-assessment approach (as above) but get a headstart a pre-built environment that includes up to 80% of the policies needed to meet the regulation, ready to adopt, adapt or add to. 3. GDPR + ISO 27001 - for organisations wanting to protect all information assets, (not just PII), everything that's included in GDPR Standalone but also mapped to the ISO 27001 framework, enabling you to take a few further steps to align to the standard, and achieve certification if required. 4. Regulation Requirements Framework - for large organisations or complex PII requirements - the 181 Articles of the General Data Protection Regulation distilled into just 123 Activities ready to describe and demonstrate compliance.
    A powerful cloud software solution that includes frameworks and tools that enable organisations to describe and demonstrate GDPR compliant data protection management and, where required, manage information security certifications such as ISO 27001.
  • GDPR Classification Software provides Information security management expert guidance in conjunction with its powerful cloud software solution.
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