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Consentua is a consent management tool that gives end users that unambiguous, ongoing, freely given consent statement. Made up from a very flexible API & Widget that installs seamlessly into your own apps & enterprise systems. The end user interacts with the intuitive interface and creates their standards based consent receipt. Consent templates linked to your unique consent service create the new language in capturing consent that GDPR now requires. Consentua describes the data types and data purposes which is easy to understand, whilst also giving end users the full control over what they decide to share. You as the service owner control the language used in the consent template from a context and national language perspective too. Our customers can use the end user created consent receipt to query what they have consented too. Enabling GDPR compliance and faciliting right to be forgotten and right to know the data you have on that end user too. Consentua is a secure, SaaS service, available now from $99 per annum for 50,000 consents.
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    Consent Management Tool. Made up of an API & a widget for iOS, Android and Browsers. A SaaS API service
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