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Email is a widely used form of business and personal communication. However, it's surprisingly vulnerable to impersonation. Email has been the starting point of most major cyber attacks and a recent study by shows that 91% of cyber attacks started with email impersonation. Email security is intrinsically flawed and it’s extremely easy for anyone to send an email impersonating whoever they want. This creates critical risks that translate into the cyberattacks portrayed regularly in the news. A recently introduced protocol called DMARC solves this problem by validating all emails and blocking unauthorised third parties from sending emails using your domain. The NCSC strongly recommends DMARC as a robust cybersecurity measure. However adoption is still low. Implementing DMARC can be complicated and configuration errors can void your protection or even block legitimate email. We have created OnDMARC, a SaaS product that helps companies implement and maintain their DMARC configuration, protecting themselves and everyone they do business with. OnDMARC contains state-of-the-art features, including status reports, step by step actions to reach full protection, real time alerts, an AI powered chatbot and API integration to your security dashboard. OnDMARC provides the quickest path to full protection with DMARC.
    OnDMARC is an email security product that helps organisation of all sizes quickly and easily setup and maintain a secure DMARC policy in order to block phishing and increase the deliverability of authorised emails.
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