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People today are more connected and informed than ever before and expect an always on, personalized experience with the brands and organizations that they trust. B2C marketers make considerable investments in big data analytics for educated guesses at the communication channels most likely to get the best response. Preference management provides the opportunity to "just ask" your customers and prospects for their interests as well as preferred channel(s) of communication. Forrester Research indicates that 77% of consumers say companies should let them decide how a company communicates with them — making preference management an even wiser investment. And, preference management is even more relevant in B2B marketing because the lifetime value of the customer relationship is generally higher. Preference management helps marketers avoid the corporate mailroom concept where all communications (print and digital) are delivered to the same contact — whether for billing, promotional offers or special events. PossibleNOW's MyPreferences® gives customers the ability to correct this conversation, directing what types of communications should be delivered to what types of contacts based on their role in the organization.
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