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Founded in 1998, Veriato is working in the field of User Activity Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics for financial, technology , and government entities. Veriato's products have won numerous Editors' and Readers' Choice awards. More than 50,000 companies have purchased Veriato solutions to remedy policy compliance, governmental regulation, security, IP theft,m Insider threat and employee productivity issues within their business. SpectorSoft continues to expand and grow at a rapid pace as its dynamic development team transform user activity monitoring data into immediately actionable user behavioral analysis reports. Veriato Products include Veriato Investigator™, Veriato Recon™, and Veriato 360™, Veriato's flagship solution for company-wide employee monitoring, analyzing trends, and increasing productivity and security. All Veriato products record websites visited, emails sent and received, chats and instant messages, keystrokes typed, DropBox transfers, Facebook activity, files transferred, documents printed, applications run, and much more. Veriato products show you in exact visual detail, playback of recorded screenshots which leave no doubt as to what happened or the intent of the individual. Watch an analyst interview with COO Mike Tierney here:
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