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YOYODATA is an an independent, UK based technology company with the consumer at the heart of its proposition. We believe that financial advice and guidance must be made available to all. Our platform has been established to help close the advice gap by reducing the costs associated with providing advice and by making it easier for the consumer to save, invest and protect. We can help in the following 3 ways: 1) Delivering the ‘portable fact-find’ outlined in the FAMR. 2) Slashing the costs of onboarding new clients making the servicing of smaller clients feasible. 3) Promoting a ‘self-service’ model of customer data maintenance to remove the administrative burden from front office staff and further reducing costs. Some archaic aspects of the financial advice business are due a drastic, technology enabled overhaul. We believe that the industry should be transitioning, where appropriate, to a self-service model of onboarding and suitability data updating - in effect outsourcing data input and maintenance to the customer. Furthermore, we believe that customers should be able to reuse their fact-find data many times to access new savings and investment products. The data belongs to the client - not making it available to the client leaves firms with the risk of failing on Outcome 6 of the FCA’s guidance on the fair treatment of customers.
  • Title: yoyoDATA (You Own Your Own Data)

    Description: The YOYODATA Digital Vault - Protect your information so it’s easy to share & manage.

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